Friday, November 10, 2017

Promised Dad to take of Care of Mom.

Mom is still here. I have learned so much from being her Caregiver since my Dad's passing several years ago. I still remember him everyday and I was going to tell stories about him here, but in some strange way I almost think they are too good for this small little blog. 

I wish we had talked more about my dad's time growing up in Italy. But I try not to have regret when I realize my Dad was always thinking of what needed to be done next. Add in the family pressure (mostly from my sibling and some from my dad) for me to go out into the world and do great things, I was inadvertently pushed away from the great things right in my own home, and that I probably will always regret.

I did not realize that the demons others had in their own relationship with my parents would secretly strive to alienate me from my own relationship with my parents. However, since my video business was a home based business, I created a world where I was truly busy with all of my video clients yet I saw my parents every day, yet probably never connected in regards to the lives they led when they were younger.

What my dad tried to forget, I truly respect much more than most of what masquerades in this day and age.

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