Saturday, October 31, 2009

What My Dad Left Behind, the Book.

Look for the Book, What My Dad Left Behind, sometime in early 2010. Click on images to enlarge. I have been delayed by the APPLE and Canon Camera incompatibility issue that does not allow for my canon camera pictures to properly upload onto Snow Leopard.

(Edit update - August 11, 2010) I had to postpone this book because of the six month Apple Macintosh induced photo uploading delay. By the time a fix was made, I did not have the time to put into the book, for now. However, It is something I am planning on doing when I have the time to put into doing it.

(Edit update = April 1st, 2018)  I have started a tribute page on behalf of my Mother and her unexpected death after an E.R. would not treat her wheezing which she normally did not have. If you want to join my mother's facebook tribute page you may discover the stories I tell about both of my parents and my time as my mother's caregiver a unique experience.