Saturday, October 31, 2009

What My Dad Left Behind, the Book.

Look for the Book, What My Dad Left Behind, sometime in early 2010. Click on images to enlarge. I have been delayed by the APPLE and Canon Camera incompatibility issue that does not allow for my canon camera pictures to properly upload onto Snow Leopard.

(Edit update - August 11, 2010) I had to postpone this book because of the six month Apple Macintosh induced photo uploading delay. By the time a fix was made, I did not have the time to put into the book, for now. However, It is something I am planning on doing when I have the time to put into doing it.


freemenow said...

Finally, pictures of Poppa! I look forward to the book. and by the way - I also loved the book " A wrinkle in time".

Alessandro Machi said...

On Daily-Protest I have a few dad pictures and stories way down the page. I lost some huge momentum when I could no longer upload photos from my canon camera to APPLE's snow leopard platform. It took Apple and Canon over 4 months to get the two to work with each other, and that was the time I had allotted for doing the book. I needed the photos as I was formatting the words around the images.

I still think about him everyday and even have dreams where he is still alive. I wake up completely exhausted because in the dreams I can't figure out how he came back.